Ulrich Eitner
You have reach my web presentation. Sorry for that. This small web site was initially intended to waste my time. So you will find almost at any part of this side incompleteness. That's just to satisfy me in future.

So this is me: born in Berlin, Germany, shortly before the Berlin Wall was 'founded'. Grown up in the 'better' part of Berlin. School, job, university degree - all the usuals that happens to people.
I tried to sketch those part of my life, I found maybe interesting to others. In particular the mathematics (even though you will not find math on this site) and those spare time wasters I tend to do. I.e. photography, hiking and some other sports (namely r*nning in the version of what is called 'hashing').

To avoid being critizied, you will not find a 'Contact me' - sorry for that. However, feel free to visit this site frequently in case you find something of your interest. I will change the look and content very frequently.